Urgent Needs Demand Urgent Action.

At PUPI, we offer the best lead times, an intensely dedicated storm response team, and have a process in place to come through for you when you need us most.


Our service model is flexible, which allows us to deliver customized support for specific utility needs. Things like customer inventory management strategies, receiving environments, and custom pallet configurations are considered to design a lead-time focused service environment.


We’re actively investing in production capacity to maintain industry production and shipping efficiency. This allows us to get you the product you need, when you need it, without unnecessary red tape.


PUPI’s storm response team proactively plans for forecasted storms and commits to ongoing communication to reduce stress on the utility. Our storm response protocol includes multiple daily meetings (including CEO level support) to prioritize manufacturing, engage internal procurement teams, and organize logistics – getting materials where you need them as quickly as possible. Customer communication is comprised of storm response progress reports and shipment and delivery notifications.


The entire PUPI team understands that when severe weather hits and electrical infrastructures are negatively impacted, entire communities are affected. We consistently ship the first storm order truck within 24-hours of order receipt.