Tangent Crossarms

Available in center mount, braced, and alley arm applications, we have a PUPI solution for your situation.

Deadend Assemblies

With proven performance in every climate, PUPI deadend assemblies provide high strength and uniformity to give you the most reliable deadend available today.

Mounts and Braces

Our mounts and braces feature the same PUPI strength and durability of our supporting products.

Supporting Products

Equipment Arms and Mounts

For 3 phase mounting of cutouts, arrestors & cable terminators. Mounts up to 6 pieces of equipment.

Pole Top Extensions

PUPI® Fiberglass Pole Top Extensions are used to extend the height of existing utility poles or replace damaged pole tops. These products possess all of the quality and features that make PUPI® the leading brand of fiberglass crossarms.

Ground Wire Tubes

Protected by SunGUARD® UV coating, our ground wire insulator tubes offer the same three levels of UV and weathering protection as PUPI® tangent and deadend crossarms to provide superior ground wire isolation and dielectric protection.