The most comprehensive line of fiberglass transmission crossarms and braces available.

PUPI® is the leader in fiberglass crossarms for the electrical utilities industry. Available for H-frame structures, PUPI transmission crossarms and braces are engineered for maximum strength and consistent performance in a wide-range of standard and made-to-order configurations.


With exclusive SunGUARD® UV resistant coating and TorqueGUARD bushings, PUPI crossarms are proven to withstand the elements better than wood, steel or other composite beams – in any climate! Our PUPI H-Frame product line has been deliberately designed to be easy and intuitive to install.


Our Series 5000 transmission crossarm is a one-to-one dimensional replacement for wood, but with a dramatically lower weight, twice the strength, and equal stiffness. Generally, this allows utilities to use existing industry hardware and installation practices.

Single Crossarm H-Frame

By leveraging the strength of a fiberglass crossarm, utilities have the opportunity to optimize their designs to streamline construction, ease installation, and reduce first cost.

Double Crossarm H-Frame

A more traditional style of construction, with the added strength of PUPI fiberglass components, provide unmatched strength for ultimate line hardening.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Take a closer look at our Single and Double crossarm designs with an interactive side-by-side comparison.

Braces, Mount, and Spacer Bracket

Increase efficiency in the field by reducing weight and increasing flexibility – without sacrificing performance.

Deadend H-Frames

See examples of how the strength of fiberglass crossarms is leveraged in deadend H-Frame designs.