Invest in Reliability. Invest in PUPI.

Customers depend on their electric utilities to keep the power on – 24/7, 365 days a year. That means you need your electrical grid to last and perform in a way you can depend on. Fiberglass has proven benefits versus other materials in crossarm applications. With a service life of 60+ years, PUPI crossarms give you long-term confidence in the reliability of your grid.


PUPI stands out as a leader in the fiberglass crossarm industry because of our innovation, experience, and longevity in the market. Strategic investments in growth to meet market demand and product performance expectations shows our commitment to the utility industry.


With over 4 million crossarms successfully in service since 1990, PUPI has set the standard for fiberglass crossarm performance.

Invest in Confidence. Invest in PUPI.

Anyone can talk about features – but how do they benefit you? From the moment our engineers start drawing plans, they’re thinking about what really happens in the field and the responsibilities you have to your customer, supervisors, and legal entities. You can count on our crossarms to perform and you can count on PUPI to be there when you need us.



The elements don’t stand a chance with PUPI.

Our SunGUARD® UV protection is thermally-bonded to the surface of every PUPI product, providing the most durable protection available against UV damage including fiber blooming and premature crossarm failure. Rigorous testing shows SunGUARD UV coating will maintain its effectiveness for at least 60 years in any climate. Every PUPI crossarm is completely filled with closed-cell sealant to lock out moisture and contaminants.


PUPI fiberglass crossarms are built to last.

Our engineers spend years designing and testing our crossarms to provide the most durable alternative to wood, steel, and other composite crossarms.


With our patented TorqueGUARD™ bushing technology, PUPI crossarms can withstand over 450 ft-lbs of bolt-tightening torque. It’s a simple idea that can make installation faster and easier – without the worry of damaging the crossarm during installation or maintenance.


One of our fiberglass crossarms can replace two wood crossarms. When you install PUPI crossarms, you’re truly installing the most durable crossarms available.


You can rely on us, so your customers can rely on you.

We build PUPI crossarms with a fiberglass pultrusion process that consistently creates a predictable and high-quality product.


Unlike wood, PUPI crossarms are free from knots and imperfections that can dramatically affect system strength and resilience over time. PUPI crossarms can withstand transient loads that cause wood crossarms to fail. Because they’re specifically designed for utility use, they are strong, lightweight, and easy to install.

Customer Focus

We’re in this together.

We have the practical experience to understand what you need to do your job and ensure consistent power to your customers. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art, in-house, materials and mechanical test facilities to ensure our solutions meet customer needs.


We understand the critical nature of the services our customers provide and respond quickly to requests for emergency shipments. Our 24-hour storm response turnaround is second-to-none. With PUPI, you’re getting more than a product, you’re getting a dedicated support team that’s ready to meet your needs.

Market Leadership

Setting and exceeding the gold standard.

Since creating the first commercially successful composite crossarm in 1990, we’ve continued to pioneer and set the standards for excellence in the industry.


We believe our materials lab and testing facilities set us apart from our competition. Today, PUPI is the market share leader in fiberglass crossarms, giving us the largest installed base and the longest service record of any composite crossarm manufacturer. Our products are used at hundreds of utilities across North America and the world. Our track record and dedication to our customers are what keeps PUPI customers coming back year after year.

Performance You Can Count On.

PUPI crossarms are engineered and manufactured for consistent strength and reliability using a fiberglass pultrusion process that minimizes material and process variation – and come with three levels of weathering protection as a standard feature.

Over 3 million PUPI fiberglass crossarms are at work in a wide range of environments throughout North America and the world. From hot, wet, and dry climates to extreme cold – not a single PUPI crossarm has failed due to environmental degradation.