Single Crossarm H-Frame

Single Sided Construction

With up to two times the strength of wood, our PUPI® Series 5000 fiberglass crossarm allows for single sided H-Frame designs resulting in streamlined construction, more efficient installation, and reduced costs.


H-Frame designs using a single PUPI crossarm are more resilient and lighter weight than traditional double sided, wood H-frame construction. Our optimized designs reduce the total number of components crews need to install, reduce complexity of installation, and increase efficiencies from inventory to installation.

Reduce cost and ease installation

  • Single crossarm
  • Lightweight construction
  • Streamlined braces
  • Eliminates over-the-pole installation
  • Reduces opportunity for avian nesting
  • Less components to inventory, ship to the job site, and install
    • Reduces resources required in time, equipment, and cost
  • Mount options available to provide flexibility at the pole-to-crossarm interface

Extensively Tested

PUPI single sided H-frame systems have been extensively tested and shown to exceed RUS strength requirements for TH-10 V4 construction by 21%.1


PUPI’s optimized H-Frame designs can reduce assembly weight by over 50% and dramatically increase ease of installation.

Tangent H-Frame Single Crossarm Series - Load Capacity Per Wire, 3 Wires
RUS Frame TypeSeries 5000 Crossarm Length (FT)Ultimate Verticle Load (LBS)Assembly Weight (LBS) 2Deflection (IN/1,000 LBS) 3
TH-10 V43217,2504470.2
TH-230 V44015,0005150.2
TH-345 V45513,5006450.2

PUPI H-Frame structures are designed for custom specifications or in standard Rural Utilities Service (RUS) frame types.

1 Calculations derived from the strength requirements provided in RUS specification T-7 for wood, double arm TH-10 V4 construction of 14,000 LBS.

2 Assembly weights do not include X-Braces. Traditional 32’ TH-10, fully braced, wood double crossarm construction weighs around 1,000 LBS.

3 TH-1 and TH-1A designs do not include knee-vee braces.


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