H-Frame Braces, Mount, and Spacer Bracket

Designed to Simplify Your Installation

Suitable for both single and double sided H-frame systems, PUPI® fiberglass knees and vees are lightweight and intuitive to install. Our new design has a sleek end fitting and streamlined fiberglass profile, with all the strength and durability you would expect from PUPI.

Tangent H-Frame Knee/Vee Braces Series
--1000InchesRUS Frame TypeDrawing Downloads
Tensile Load Capacity
Assembly Weight
30,000 LBS
123TH-10Download PDF
Tensile Load Capacity
Assembly Weight
30,000 LBS
TH-230Download PDF

Streamlined Spacer Bracket

Simplistic, 2-piece design is intuitive to assemble and has a larger adjustment range than traditional designs. Adjustability range: 8.5-14”

Mount Plate

Poles are not always set straight during installation. The PUPI transmission mount allows for flexibility with your pole interface – when installing double or single arm construction.

Traditional installation of H-Frame structures can be cumbersome; especially when you’re installing 50′ in the air.

PUPI has developed a new spacer bracket and mount plate to allow for a more flexible installation of H-Frame structures.


X-Braces, X-Brace Center Clamp, and X-Brace Mounting Tees are also available, providing the longevity and strength inherent to these fiberglass systems.