PUPI® Fiberglass Substation Products

PUPI® Fiberglass Substation Products

PUPI® Fiberglass vs. Steel or Wood

PUPI® fiberglass beams and switch bases are ideal for use in substations and transformer banks. PUPI®fiberglass products are proven to be a superior material for supporting conductors, switches and other electrical equipment. Compared to steel or wood, PUPI®fiberglass delivers these important advantages:

  • Engineered material delivers consistent performance that doesn’t change over time.
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties reduces the risk of shorts and outages.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio for light weight assemblies and easy handling Maintenance-free construction.
  • PUPI® products never shrink, rot or rust.
  • PUPI® order lead times are often much shorter than other suppliers

Not all fiberglass products are created equal

Innovative product features make PUPI® the leading brand of fiberglass crossarms and braces in the electric power industry:

  • SunGUARD® UV resistant coating is thermally-bonded to all PUPI products to resist the damaging effects of sun and weather – for at least 60 years in any environment! SunGUARD UV resistant coating eliminates the risk of fiberglass blooming and other surface damage.
  • TorqueGUARD™ hole reinforcing bushings increase bolt hole strength and prevent damage due to over-torqued bolts.

Designed to fit your needs

Our engineering team is experienced and ready to design PUPI® solutions for your substation and transformer bank needs. Configurations are available to support nearly any application:

  • Crossarms, switch bases, braces, equipment mounts
  • Virtually any length or drill pattern is possible.
  • Numerous profile dimensions are available, including:
  • 2″ X 4″
  • 3″ X 4″
  • 3-5/8″ X 4-5/8″
  • 4″ X 4″
  • 4″ X 6″
  • 5″ X 5″
  • Factory pre-drilled, or easily drilled on site
  • Custom-designed attachment brackets are available