One tough PUPI.

Why PUPI® // Fiberglass Advantage

PUPI® tangents and crossarms are engineered for consistent strength and reliability.
PUPI® crossarms are engineered and manufactured using a fiberglass pultrusion process that minimizes material and process variation including three levels of weathering protection.

Proven fiberglass field performance in every climate.
Hundreds of thousands of PUPI® fiberglass crossarms are at work in a wide range of environments throughout North America and around the world. From hot, wet and dry climates to extreme cold – not a single PUPI® crossarm has failed due to environmental degradation.

PUPI® Crossarms are GREEN Products.
PUPI® fiberglass utility products are an environmentally friendly alternative to wood. They are long-lasting, use recycled materials and require no harmful chemicals as preservatives.

The advantages of fiberglass vs. treated wood
Wood beams, although carefully specified to control defects, still show considerable natural variances and gradually deteriorate over time. Wood and fiberglass by comparison: Unlike the natural variances found in wood beams, PUPI® fiberglass crossarms are known for their uniform and predictable strength – in any climate.

pupi vs wood

Tests comparing an 8 ft PUPI® crossarm and a similar size wood beam show that around 2,800 pounds wood deflects a little over an inch and fails. The PUPI® crossarm under the same weight is structurally sound and hasn’t even reached half its load rate. PUPI® fiberglass crossarms show predictable deflection that greatly enhances reliability and the ability to withstand transient and impulse loads in extreme conditions.