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Pole Top Extension

Providing a cost-effective alternative to pole replacement.

PUPI® Fiberglass Pole Top Extensions are used to extend the height of existing utility poles or replace damaged pole tops. These products possess all of the quality and features that make PUPI® the leading brand of fiberglass crossarms.

  • Light weight, strong 5" X 5" fiberglass beams
  • Adjustable, galvanized steel mounting bracket installs on pole diameters from 6" to 10"
  • Outstanding UV protection with thermal-bonded SunGUARD® UV resistant coating
  • Holes reinforced with TorqueGUARD bushings
  • Sealed, UV resistant endcap
  • Filled with closed cell rigid foam to exclude moisture and contaminants
  • Brown or gray color available
  • Can be field-drilled
  • 5" X 5" fiberglass beam
  • Galvanized structural steel bracket
  • Attached to 6.625" steel pole with two 5/8" bolts
  • Load applied 24" from tip in two directions

Pole Top Extension Load Direction Diagram

Product Details
Standard Length 54" (assembly weight 58 lbs)
Pole Attachment Holes are: 11/16"
Custom Lengths Available: 36" – 72"
Standard configuration is without holes. Holes can be drilled per customer specifications.

Pole Extension Number System

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