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Ground Wire Insulator Tubes

Ultimate Protection with Ground Wire Insulator Tubes

GEOTEK is proud to add PUPI® fiberglass ground wire insulator tubes to our product line for electric utilities. These durable tubes are made of high performance pultruded fiberglass to provide superior ground wire isolation and dielectric protection. Protected by SunGUARD®, the new ground wire insulator tubes offer the same three levels of UV and weathering protection as PUPI® tangent and deadend crossarms.

The new ground wire insulator tubes are made to customer requirements and are available in different lengths in order to adapt to different applications. Our goal is to offer products that improve the performance and longevity of distribution and transmission systems for our electric utility customers. We believe our ground wire insulator tubes will offer a great value to our customers.

Geotek Pultruded Fiberglass Properties:
Tensile Strength: ASTM D3916 120,000psi*
Flexural Strength: ASTM D4476 140,000psi
Flexural Modulus: ASTM D4476 4.5 x 106psi
Impact Strength: ASTM D256 35 ft-lb/inch notch
Dielectric Strength:
Perpendicular (1/4" thick) ASTM D149 254 volts per mil
Parallel: ASTM D149 167 volts per mil
Specific gravity: ASTM D792 1.86
Water absorption: ASTM D570 0.60% max.
Color: Grey or Brown  
* Note: Tensile strength is lower than flexural strength due to difficulty in clamping rod ends to fully load all fibers in tension.


Product Details
Length 240" (other lengths available)
Outside Diameter 1"
Inside Diameter 0.688"
Weight 0.35 lb/ft
UV Resistant bonded SunGuard® polyurethane coating
Electrical non-conductive, high dialectic strength

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Can be attached to the pole with molding or cable guard straps.