One tough PUPI.

Built Tough // Testing Methods and Summaries

PUPI® Crossarms takes pride in offering the best fiberglass products available today.

In order to ensure longevity, durablitly, and reliability, PUPI® products are put through extensive testing. Engineered for the unique demands of the electric utilities industry, PUPI crossarms performance continues to improve thanks to years of testing and research.

Strength and deflection testing.
Numerous mechanical tests from independent test facilities demonstrate that PUPI® crossarms consistently meet or exceed stated load limits. PUPI® tests measure variability in properties as well as nominal values.

Electrical Testing
PUPI® crossarms have been tested at leading electrical laboratories and proven to have superior insulating and BIL properties.

UV testing.
PUPI® crossarms SunGUARD® Coating provides unmatched field protection against the damages of UV rays. In independent testing using the Rural Utilities Services (RUS), U.S. Department of Agriculture's specified 2500 hours of accelerated testing, PUPI® crossarms showed no degradation in flexural strength, modulus and deflection and there was no visible change in the color or gloss of the crossarm. More aggressive tests in which 10,000 hours of accelerated exposure to intense UV-B radiation showed no effects at all on the fiberglass structure.