One tough PUPI.

Built Tough // SunGUARD® UV Coatings

SunGUARD® coatings used on PUPI® crossarms are the first line of protection against ultraviolet light degradation over long periods of time.

PUPI® crossarms are made with triple protection against environmental elements. Geotek has been manufacturing fiberglass structural products for outdoor applications since 1972 and started coating fiberglass products for outdoor applications a year later.

Since 1982 fiberglass structures have been shipped with SunGUARD® coating. Since then, not a single product failure of any SunGUARD® coated product has been noted anywhere in the world due to environmental degradation, nor has any measurable coating erosion over time been documented. The entire PUPI® resin system contains a broad spectrum UV inhibitor. Patented SunGUARD® coating provides additional UV protection and is added during the pultrusion process. No other crossarm offers more protection against the elements. With three levels of UV and weathering protection you can expect less degradation, less maintenance and fewer replacements. PUPI crossarms are built to last 60 or more years in any climate – with the longest field experience track record to prove it.

The 3 levels of UV protection are:

3 levels of protections

At present, there are hundreds of thousands of PUPI® fiberglass crossarms installed in wide variety of environments from hot, dry climates to cold, wet climates and everything in between.