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Utilities large and small choose PUPI® crossarms. As the originator of the high-performance fiberglass crossarm for electrical utilities, PUPI® has an extensive list of customers throughout North America and around the world. PUPI® has provided crossarms to over:

  • 45 investor-owned utilities
  • 112 municipal utilities
  • 91 REA cooperatives
  • 13 international utilities
  • 241 end user utilities of PUPI® crossarms in 48 states and 10 other countries

Read what your colleagues are saying about PUPI® products and performance in the following stories:

"PUPI was the best route for us to go." We did a little experiment. We took a first year apprentice, a third year apprentice and a journeymen lineman, and had them frame with the PUPI arm and with our standard wood construction. We timed it out and did a cost analysis.

Fred Grantham
Fort Morgan, Colorado

The guys love them..."
I first heard about PUPI crossarms when I was in South Dakota. I conducted job and safety training for South Dakota rural electric and would visit more than 30 co-ops and REAs.

Randy Dickerson
Cuming County Public Power District

"We spent an awful lot of time doing line maintenance - just trying to keep up with the woodpeckers." This part of Texas has a pile ated woodpecker - they're a pretty tough bird. They'll carve a hole in the underside of the arm large enough to put your fist in. It really reduces the strength of a wood arm.

David McMillan
Floresville Electric Light and Power System Contact Us